PostBot 3 for Instagram
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  • The Bot that tells you when to post to Instagram and what tags to use. Best hours of the day determined with intelligence, specifically for your audience.
  • PostBot provide dynamic lists of hashtags that gives you the most likes, comments and followers.
  • INTRODUCING most awaited, app that will completely revolutionize the way you post to Instagram!
  • Do you want to build a great Instagram account?
  • Do you often plan to make few posts per day but forget? Need a reminder?
  • Do you wonder when is the best times to post on instagram? And what are the most effective hashtags to use?
  • Then this is the perfect solution for you!
  • PostBot will remind you when to make a new post.
  • The app will analyze your Instagram and determine the best hours to post, specifically for your audience. -It will detect the best time to upload on instagram for each day of week.
  • If you are a business owner or social media manager who wants to schedule your posts on Instagram, this is the best tool for you.
  • When we travel we all take a lot of pictures and we like to share them all on our IG profile, but if you post all of them at once, less people will see it. also your fans will easily get tired of you taking over their whole feed. Wise way is to spread the uploads to few days, Make few new posts per day on peak hours, when most of your audience are present online. PostBot helps you to do exactly that. FEATURES:
  • Posting times for each day of the week
  • Reminder notifications
  • Up to 8 posts per day
  • Dynamic Lists of Hashtags that gives you massive boost of exposure to your Instagram posts and stories
  • My Tags - Most effective tags you have used.
  • Popular - Tags that brings the most reach on IG
  • Latest - Trending effective tags
  • Receive hundreds of likes, comments and new followers for free by using hash tags picked by PostBot.
  • Bot will learn and determine best hashtags for you.
  • Copy top hashtags easily. Tag Set Creator™
  • Create and copy set of hashtags that are relevant to your post.
  • Find relevent hashtags for a hashtag, add them to your tag set.
  • Example: When you search for #NYC, you will get all the tags that are relevent such as #newyork #ny #Manhattan #longisland etc. Create tagsets that suites your niche.
  • Likes and comments count predictor - Get predictions before posting.
  • For unlimited amount of instagram accounts
  • Separate analyzing for each day of week.
  • Analyses your account and gives personalized best post times.
  • Better engagement from your audience is Guaranteed
  • See and understand your posting habits
  • See best hours for all the days of the week
  • No ads
  • Developer support
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PostBot 3 for Instagram