About Us

iOS Haven started out as a small website that just listed a few links to popular tweaks and hacks. The orginal creator, Zane, wanted to make the website bigger, but he didn't know where to start. A few months later, two college students stumbled across the website and saw its potential. Those students, Zack and Zeb, helped Zane take the website to the next level.

Since then, we have added over 1000 apps. Those apps can be installed directly from the web browser or can be downloaded as an IPA archive.

Along the way, our goal has been to make it easy to access tools/apps. We want to make all information publically available to anyone that wants to use their iPhone to the fullest.

Unlike other websites in the community, we do not require you to install our app, make an account, or pay money. Likewise, we do not share your information or use your device for cryptocurrency mining. We like to put the user first and we always will.


We are trying to redesign IOS Haven. However, both of us are in college so we do not have as much time to work on the website. If you encounter any issues please contact us via Twitter or Discord and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.